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What We Do

Cyber Risk
Management Platform

Real-time automated threat intelligence and risk analytics that integrates security data, functionality, and controls to efficiently and effectively manage cyber risk across the entire IT global infrastructure.


  • IP, Domain & Sub-domains
  • Network Infrastructure*
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Infiltrate

  • Web App Vulnerability Scanning
  • Network Infrastructure*
  • Automated Penetration Testing*
  • Assess & Remediate

  • Instructive Vulnerability Remediation
  • Ingest, Aggregate & Correlate
  • Penetration Test Data*
  • 3rd party Data Ingestion*
  • Manage

  • Workforce Management
  • Cyber Analytics
  • Domain Asset Management
  • Policy & Regulatory Compliance & Reporting*
  • Network Asset Management*
  • Cyber readiness and defense is a constant and dynamic effort.

    BroadWatch enables organizations to manage cyber readiness by layering dynamic threat intelligence and risk analysis onto the global IT asset map to interpret, assess, and mitigate cyber threats using a single dashboard.

    A more efficient approach to
    cyber risk management.
    Intelligent. Intuitive. Instructive.

    A single platform that solves the disparities between IT security tools and IT security teams; ensuring overall cyber readiness & response by managing people, processes, and controls.

    Seamless workflow.

    Intuitive and instructive workflow to guide you through the DISCOVER, INFILTRATE, ASSESS, and MANAGE continuum for efficient and effective threat & vulnerability management.

    Everything you need to manage your cyber risk. All the pertinent data, all in one application, and always on.


    Cyber insurance is an essential element of managing your RISK EXPOSURE, and critical to limiting your RISK LIABILITY.

    Access the eSpecialty Insurance Marketplace to quickly and affordably obtain coverage tailored to your organization’s cyber risk and liability requirements with concierge guidance from experts who specialize in cyber coverage.

    Individuals compromised
    Average cost of data breach
    Compromised per second
    Average time to contain breach

    Who We Are

    Purpose Built Security Software for Purpose Driven Security Teams

    As a company, BroadWatch is comprised of security minded experts in their respective disciplines across the entire organization. Every strategic decision, and every person in the company is aligned with our mission: Securing The Customer.

    Executive Leadership

    Rhett Edmonds
    Chief Executive Officer

    Tyler Theys
    Chief Technology Officer

    Jeff Bray
    Chief Product Officer

    Wade Bitter
    Chief Financial Officer *

    Board of Directors

    Frank Albi
    Non-Executive Chair

    Rhett Edmonds
    Executive Vice-Chair

    Nancy Phillips
    Independent Director

    Jonathan Eaton
    Independent Director

    * Fractional

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